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Ancient Lakes Kakadu Plum Vitamin C 30g

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About this product - 

100% wild harvested, organic Australian Kakadu Plum: the world's most concentrated wholefood source of vitamin C.

Rich in antioxidants to provide immune support, help manage fatigue and protect from free radical damage. Low temperature dried to retain the fruit's full nutrient profile.




Ingredients - Kakadu Plum Powder (Terminalia ferdinandiana).


Directions for use - 

We recommend taking ¼ teaspoon daily to reach your vitamin C intake. You should get roughly 40 serves per 30g pouch and 10 serves per 7g pouch. It couldn't be easier to get your vitamin C intake each day! We love adding ¼ tsp of Kakadu Plum into a glass of water, smoothie, and juice.


Product Description - Ancient Lakes Kakadu Plum Vitamin C is a special powder that helps you stay healthy. It comes from a fruit called Kakadu Plum, which has a lot of vitamin C - the vitamin that makes you strong and helps you fight off colds. You can mix this powder into your drinks or food to get your daily boost of vitamin C!

  • Stay Healthy: This special powder helps you stay healthy by giving your body a boost of vitamin C.
  • Fight Colds: Vitamin C helps your body fight off colds and other germs, so you can feel strong and well.
  • Get Strong: Vitamin C makes your body strong and helps it work the way it should.

  • Nutritional Information
    Serving size: 0.3g
    Servings per package: 90
  • Per serve
    Energy 4.6 kJ
    Protein 0 g
    Fat 0 g
    Carbohydrate 0.26
    Sugars 0.01
    Vitamin C 69 mg
    Sodium 0.12 mg
  • Per 100 g
    Energy 1530 kJ
    Protein 3.1 g
    Fat 0.2 g
    Carbohydrate 87 g
    Sugars 5.6
    Vitamin C 23,000 mg
    Sodium 39 mg

Feel Good: When you take this powder, you might feel more energized and ready to play and learn!

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